Lost Soul

Depression dug its claws deeper,
dragging me to the worst,
very close to considering
If I should leave or end my misery,
full of pathetic mess of thoughts.
So tire of being tired,
tensed about everything,
crumbling down to the floor ,
breathing heavily,  trying to release the tension,
jerking my body as the flow of fresh salt tears


The note that speaks louder,
Against the rush noise of voices,
A muffled sound of distress,
A reaction to the present peril,
The irons clad that bind more
The voice having a life of its own,
Rising from the heart,
The urge and need to be expressed,
Lifted from the depths,
Carried as a free offering of the soul,
From the wordless wail,
Grimacing down the narrow slope strip,
Silence pressing hard on ears,
Caught in the grip and unfamiliar,
Strange fear, crowding trapping,
Weaving, something fierce and dangerous in their depths.


Sensations floods me like honey and wine
Gliding over my skin.
Kisses slow and thorough.
breathing him in with fitful gasps
strange hunger consuming me
looking for something deeper
more than a physical touch
his gentle  strength surrounding me
as if am his life and heart
so rare and  precious  he can’t let go…


Eyes held no warmth, ghosts like the moon
No detection of compassion for human life
Untamed as their reflection, a wary notion
Scurrying snapping with fright
Hysteria, and panic to mention, memories painful,
Cold and detached into a feeling of contentment
Relish in nature and sense of liberation.
Each layer of compulsion stripped
Everything flooding in like a tsunami
Flashbacks, horrible visions.,
Fragments of memories
Moving perfectly in sync,
A rush of dizzying euphoria
Intestines fasten in balls too tight to unknot.
Craving silence from the emotional uproar
A lump lodged in the throat,
Guarded gazes, calculating cold eyes
Hidden in the unspoken brooding


Nothing intrigues me anymore
nothing seems interesting anymore
nothing worthwhile to listen to.
No music to uplift the dampened mood
my thoughts in a daze
my mind in shambles, not infiltrated.
Feeling alone, i feel like an empty shell
the feeling of loneliness begin to sink in.
angry, frustrated, dull and lifeless
the spring lacking luster
drooped, something off, missing
Eyes don’t light up anymore
no brightness in them, if not dull
a forced half smile lips curved
the excitement of it all it gone.

Soul, mate?

Spew sweet words,
Say like you mean them,
just for the moment.
Hold hands, sweet kisses and caresses,
Endlessly talk about nothing and everything
Be interested not just pretend
To hold, be real with .
To look deep into their eyes,
Tell secrets to and not afraid to,
To be loved and accepted whole
To breath the same breath
Heart close, beating together.
Souls connected


Alive drunk on lust
dizzy with happiness
cheeks flushed eyes lit
the giddy feeling
of being young and free
nothing to waver
hormones kick in
like teenagers in puberty
living embodiment of life
the emotion compatibility
the sparks that burn
confessions in secrecy
desires of the heart
no teasing , no pretense
a spiral of emotions
labored heart racing breaths 
skin burning, a hundred degrees warmer

Was it Love?

Grieving for the love I had lost
Never had it in the first place either
Not held and clasped together
Stick it to my bosom near my heart
For it to beat in one accord with mine
This is the love that didn’t blossom
The love that wasn’t acquired
The love that had limits
The love that devoured the lovers in the moment
Burnt fire in them, that consumed them
The love that they cherished yet can’t pursue
The love that entangled, tangled them in its chains
The prisoners that can be free from the love
Not a chance given to explore what they had
Love that is threatened to be dimmed,
Just like starting fire, it takes time to dim it
Trying to make it go with time we both hope
The flourishing of it out, the love.
the candle flame that burnt bright, dimming. the love that wasn’t held, felt
I grieve for the love
I grieve for the lovers
I grieve.


Dark and empty,
As the voids of space.
Cold and desolate.
Danger looming in.
Barbaric, depraved.
The mother of nightmares,
clinging to dear life,
Looking for any kind of relief.
Fears, holding you back, the only comfort,
makes your mind churn.
Echoes of threats, of no bounds,
Ringing, trying to push past.
Mind taking over the darkest part.
The potion that frightens little children,
Make the boldest of men cringe at.

Feigning Innocence

A retort, breathless, angry.
Walking around the wreckage
Face to face with the demon
Deep down, shriveled and cold
Heart beating out the chest
Engaged in a battle of self-destruction
How can one fight a split image of themselves
Or it is the inner cowardice on standby
Haunting expression, eye pooled
Stakes high and all the odds against one
Seeking victory but prepared for defeat
Too paralyzed to do anything
A symbol of strength and tranquility?
A sign, one needed for this
As one stares down into the jaws of a beast
A death wish card in hand.


The rumble of agitated voices,
The hushed mumbled sounds.
Couldn’t untangle the words,
The detection of agitation.
The essence of suavity gone.
The principles prisoned in their souls,
In the windings of their brains.
Shaking with conviction
Frozen with an empty look
Caught in the snare of the trance
Reality had intruded;
Indomitable and insatiate.

Sundown! ☀

Setting sun dipping low.
The forest line behind.
Golden, like the amber of the fires.
Burning, decorating the sky.
A marvel, a wonder
A sight to reckon.
In the sunny scented garden,
Well mowed, trimmed grass,
A picnic blanket set.
The serenity flowing in,
The peace comes with the place
The breeze brings the other piece,
Quite ethereal, surreal.